From the main railway station and bus arrivals (300m away from the train station):

With tram:
Take a tram number 2 direction left from the station, and get off at the fortress stop (4 stops from the train station, 3 from the bus arrivals).
Fortress is on your left, turn right, take Uzun Mirkova / Узун Миркова street and walk 250 meters, after a park on your left you are in Vase Carapica (it’s a same street as Uzun Mirkova street, just the name is changing).
Find number 15.
Take a lift to the 4th floor.

Walk to the Republic square – Trg Republike, take our street Vase Carapica (Vasina) / Васе Чарапића direction to the fortress and find number 15.
Take a lift to the 4th floor.

Taxi should not cost you more then 250-300 din (2,5-3,5 eur).
DONT take taxi’s waiting for you in front of the station, walk to the street and stop one there.
Taxi driver MUST put the meter ‘ON’ and it must be on the position 1 (06-22h) or position 2 (22-06h and on Sundays and public holidays), NEVER on position 3!

From the airport:

The cheapest way (ticket in the bus 100 RSD approx.1EUR or 65 RSD in the kiosk) is to take a public bus number 72 in front of the airport and go to the last stop “Zeleni Venac/Зелени Венац” (the first bus in the morning runs at 05:20 and the last on 23:25, every day).
When you are out of the bus, take a stairs that are on the left side of the street, walk up, cross Brankova/Бранкова street and walk with Carice Milice/Царице Милице street. After 200m when a little park on your left, turn right to the street Vuka Karadzica/Вука Караџића that is crossing main pedetrian street, countinue straight and walk under the building (Faculty of Philosophy) turn right around the corner and that’s it! Bravo. Number 15 is on your right.
Take a lift to the 4th floor.
This option will take from 60 min.

If you want to take a taxi, the best way is to call +381 11 9801 (call after you pass both – passport control and customs, and go up one level and then get out of the airport building). Usually it takes 2-3 minutes to have one taxi there. Remember the number of the taxi that they will give you on the phone. With this company, you will pay a regular price (1.000/1.200 din. = approx. 10/11 eur).
NOTE: the price written on the meter -10% is what you need to pay (-20% after 22 pm and on Sundays) . No extra charge for luggage etc.
If you just take a taxi in front of the airport, the price is a ‘matter of agreement’ with the driver, from 20-30 EUR, or sometimes 40 EUR.
This option will take from 30 min.

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